20:20 Vision Podcast — Episode 2

Once described as one of the 10 most powerful women in the UK, Gail Rebuck is as active today as when she was Chair and Chief Executive of Random House UK. Today she is on the global board of Penguin Random House, sits on numerous boards including the Guardian, chairs the Royal College of Art and is a Labour Peer in the House of Lords.

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My conversation with her ranged from her early years of her education through to her meteoric rise in Publishing and her role as a Labour Peer in the House of Lords, role as a leader in the creative arts and the changing nature of media and publishing.

Melvyn Bragg described her impact as ‘immeasurable’.

She is a female role model and her passionate interest in education and the arts have been important in keeping the UK at the forefront of both.

Aside from Gail’s stellar career, she has nurtured 2 very talented daughters. We first met through her super talented daughter, Grace, while Grace spent some time at Index Venture as an Associate. Her other daughter, Georgia, is the leader of Camden Council — one of the most progressive local authorities in the country.

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Robin Klein

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